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Photos of Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is located in southern eastern of Kenya near the town of Voi and is famous for its large herds of red elephants and the park is one of the best place in Kenya to see these majestic animals upclose. The Yatta plateau is one of the the world largest lava flows which offers panoramic views and is a geological marvel. The galana River plays a big role in the park providing a lifeline for the parks wildlife which also offers  a great spot for bird watching and seeing hippos and crocodiles. The mudanda rock acts as a natural water catchment area attracting a variety of wildlife and the rock offers an excellent vantage point for viewing animals that come to drink. Beside the red elephants the park is home to lions, leopards,cheetahs,bufaloes,girrafes,zebra and various antelope species of birds, crocodile monitor lizards and numerous snakes are also found there. Visiting Tsavo East National park offers a quintessential Africa safari experience and showcasing kenyas incredible wildlife and diverse landscape. Whether you are a seasonal traveller or a first time safari goer. Tsavo east promises an unforgettable adventure