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Refund Policy

It is the company's responsibility to ensure that the product or Service is delivered on time and following the order's specifications. As outlined in our Money Back Guarantee Policy, we will repay customers if our promises are broken.



Money-Back Guarantee Policy

If our Service fails to meet your expectations, you are entitled to a refund under our Money Back Guarantee Policy. We want to ensure that you are entirely delighted with our Service because it provides real academic support!

We have a high level of customer satisfaction. Most of our customers return to us with follow-up purchases. You can always appeal to our Money Back Guarantee Policy if something goes awry. We want to make it clear that we can only provide a complete refund in particular circumstances. These are the ones we are referring to:

  • Claims disputed: An investigation will be launched by the agency's management if a customer complaints and requests a refund. The outcome of the investigation will determine whether or not the claim for a refund is accepted or rejected. Keep in mind that we are constantly striving to make our clients happy. As a result, we will always try our best to serve our customers fairly and ensure that they are delighted with our products and services.
  • Some trips may require a certain number of participants to go ahead and go ahead. There will be a full refund or an alternative tour product for the affected passenger. If this were to happen, it would happen in highly unusual conditions.

Travelers should be aware that if they choose a product substitution that is more expensive than the original product, they could face an extra fee.

In the event of any further reimbursements, it is up to the tour operator to determine whether or not such conditions warrant them.

If the following conditions are met, you will not be eligible for a refund:

  • The hotels and tours have already been booked, and the dates are set. Failure to show up on the day of departure means no refund.
  • No refunds will be made for any section of the tour that the traveler does not utilize after departure.
  • Tours that include flights are unable to provide refunds or make changes to the original booking.
  • Once confirmed, hotel extensions and Instant Confirmation products (such as admission tickets) cannot be swapped or refunded.

If you obtain a refund confirmation, it will be processed within three days by the company. Please be aware that the company is not liable for any costs, abnormalities, or delays associated with bank transfers that may arise.